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Thermopump in regime 'Heating'

Regardless of the buffer container's set temperature, the temperature obtained in the heat-exchanger for boiler heating is much higher. This happens due to the consumption of temperature from the overheated freon vapours.



Principal thermopump system scheme in heating regime



Thermopump in regime 'Cooling'

In this system is important that the heat from the conditioned rooms and the heat from the compressor warm the boiler first and the rest of the heat is discarded into the underground water. In other words, warm water in regime cooling is free. Furthermore, the more consumed hot water, the less electricity the thermopump uses.



Principal thermopump system scheme in cooling regime



Thermopump in combination with a sun collector

In regime 'Heating' the heat from the sun warms the input buffer (position 2 of the three-way valve). The thermopump does not consume underground water, just the warm buffer water through the circulation pump. The microprocessor controller monitors the buffer and underground water temperatures. When the buffer temperature becomes "<" or "=" to the underground water temperature, the water changing pump switches on and the circulation pump switches off. The work continues with the underground water heat, until sun warmth is received (work throughout the night or when there is insufficient sun)
In regime 'Cooling' the sun heats up the boiler (position 1 of the three-way valve) together with the thermopump. Moreover, in case of heat excess from the sun collector, the thermopump control switches between the three-way valves and the heat is discarded together with the processed water in the input buffer.



Principal thermopump system scheme combined with a sun collector


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